Climate Risk Analysis

Climate Risk Analysis is a research company working for you on risk quantification of extreme climate/weather events. CRA was founded and is run by Manfred Mudelsee.

Better knowledge (risk estimates) is the basis for better decisions in this world of climate changes, for fewer losses of life and less economic damages.

Reliable information regarding the near-term state of climatological factors can be of substantial benefit to your organisation, agency or research group.

CRA's areas of expertise, as well as some additional information about the company, are listed below. Please explore this site to learn more about our products and services.

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Scientific background

CRA scientists and associates hold degrees in and are experts in following fields:

  • Physics
  • Statistical time series analysis
  • Earth Sciences
  • History

Research focuses

  • Extreme floods, rainfall, storms, temperatures, wildfires
  • Past decades/centuries to future seasons/years/decades
  • Local/regional/global scales

Data types

  • Climate model output
  • Climate archives (sediment and ice cores, tree-rings, corals, stalagmites)
  • Direct observations
  • Documentary data

Climate Risk Analysis – Manfred Mudelsee

  • Founded 2005 by Dr. M. Mudelsee