Advanced PhD Course in Climate Time Series Analysis, Heckenbeck, Germany, 20 to 24 October 2014

The course is tailored to the needs of PhD students in climatology, meteorology or hydrology. It consists of lectures and extensive hands-on training in computer tutorials. Data, software and a hardcopy of the textbook (Mudelsee, 2014, Climate Time Series Analysis, 2nd edition, Springer, 454 pp) is included in the fee.

Of special interest: One year post-course support on software and statistical advice (e.g., PhD thesis) is given. Lunch, snacks, coffee and tea are also covered.

Participants of past courses have praised the intellectual atmosphere, the family-like setting and nice rural landscape here at Heckenbeck.

Students are encouraged to bring their own data for discussion and analysis during the course. The number of participants is limited to six (first come, first serve) to allow in-depth consultation with the course holder, Manfred Mudelsee.


  • Email to
  • Deadline for registration: 5 October 2014
  • 6 participants maximum; first come, first serve
  • Name, research field, affiliation, laptop operating system, address, country, mobile phone; optional: second email address, fax
  • Your first email address appears on messages sent to all participants, other details confidential
  • Contact us if in need of more information (visa, invitation letter, invoice, VAT, etc.)

Included in registration fee

  • Textbook (Mudelsee 2014 Climate Time Series Analysis, 2nd edition, Springer, 454 pp.; 1 hardcopy)
  • Lecture (PDF; USB stick)
  • Data and software (Windows: executables and source codes, Linux and Mac: Fortran source codes; USB stick)
  • One year post-course support on software and statistical advice
  • Lunch, snacks, coffee and tea
  • Shuttle service

Registration fee (net price, excluding 19% VAT)

  • Registration fee, academic: 1750 EUR
  • Registration fee, non-academic: 2450 EUR
  • Deadline for course cancellation at a rate of 50% repayment, see Milestone #6; later cancellation means 0% repayment
  • VAT exemption: please contact CRA and give details (VAT ID, invoice address)


  • Climate Risk Analysis, Kreuzstrasse 27, Heckenbeck, 37581 Bad Gandersheim, Germany
  • Contact person: Dr. Manfred Mudelsee, phone +49 5563 999246

Bank account

  • Account holder: Dr. Manfred Mudelsee
  • Bank name: Commerzbank Baden-Baden
  • Bank address: Lichtentaler Strasse 27, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany
  • Sort code: 662 400 02
  • Account number: 350 102 000
  • IBAN: DE83 6624 0002 0350 1020 00

Course, skills

  • Language: English
  • Level: academic (PhD students and postdocs), industry (researchers and analysts)
  • Audience: Climatologists, Geographers, Geologists, Hydrologists, Meteorologists, Physicists
  • Basic knowledge in statistics is assumed (e.g., you should know what "standard deviation" means)
  • Laptop: essential for doing the tutorial, bring your own; Windows system would be preferable but is not mandatory, Linux or Mac also work
  • Data: you are very welcome to bring your own data for analysis!
  • Link: courses, general

Course, time schedule

0.  Preliminary (badge, book, certificate, invoice, stick) Mon 20 October 9.00
    Lecture Tutorial
1. Introduction Mon 10–11 Mon 11–12
2. Persistence Models Mon 14–15 Mon 15–16
3. Bootstrap Confidence Intervals Mon 16–17  
4. Regression I Tue 9–10 Tue 10–12
5. Spectral Analysis Tue 14–15 Tue 15–17
6. Extreme Value Time Series Wed 9–10 Wed 10–12
7. Correlation Wed 14–15 Wed 15–17
8. Regression II Thur 9–10 Thur 10–11
9. Future Directions/Individual Discussions Thur 11–12  
10. Open Session (re-cap, in-depth analyses, etc.)

Thur 14–17, Fri 9–12


  • Climate Risk Analysis, Course/Office Building, Methfesselstrasse 2, Heckenbeck, 37581 Bad Gandersheim, Germany
  • Contact phone: +49 5563 999246
  • Barrier-free
  • Intellectually stimulating atmosphere, family-like setting, nice rural landscape

Accomodation recommendation (accomodation not included in registration fee)

  • Hotel garni Gerichtsschänke, Familie Schleis, Burgstraße 10, 37581 Bad Gandersheim, Germany
  • Contact: phone +49 5382 9801-0, fax: +49 5382 9801-98
  • External Link: Hotel garni Gerichtsschänke
  • Prices: ~40 EUR per night (no guarantee)
  • Mention requests for other places in your registration email


  • Hannover airport: HAJ, take S-Bahn to Hannover central railway station
  • Hannover central railway station: take local train to Kreiensen (~45 min)
  • Göttingen central railway station: take local train to Kreiensen (~20 min)
  • External Link: Deutsche Bahn railway
  • Kreiensen: call CRA at +49 5563 999246 to get picked up!


#1 Deadline for registration (first come, first serve) 5 Oct 2014 Sun
#2 Deadline for course cancellation at a rate of 50% repayment 12 Oct 2014 Sun
#3 Confirmation email: registration, payment, details, welcome 13 Oct 2014 Mon
#4 Lecture (PDF) sent by email 13 Oct 2014 Mon
#5 Start of course 20 Oct 2014 Mon
#6  End of course 24 Oct 2014 Fri
#7 End of 1-year post-course support (software, statistical advice) 31 Oct 2015 Sat

Welcome to Heckenbeck!