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Service: analysis and consulting

Data analysis is CRA's core business. We analyse the relevant data to produce the climate and weather related information you need.

Data is acquired by taking measurements, reviewing historical records, producing climate model output, or by examining indirect information, such as tree rings.

CRA will gather the required data, or work with data that you provide.

Our information extraction techniques are statistical. CRA has substantial experience in enhancing statistical methods to make them yield more accurate and robust results.

How can this information help you make better decisions? Ask CRA.


  • Insurance premiums
  • Weather derivatives
  • Strategic planning, cost–benefit calculations
  • etc.

Risk analysis

Climate change causes risk change. CRA uses nonstationary risk analysis to quantify the nature and extent of the change. Climate Risk Analysis pioneered the "bootstrap method" of climate risk analysis. Details on risk analyses... >>

Time series analysis

Climate time series data is often sampled at irregular time intervals. Interpolation to compensate for this, and usage of traditional methods, is possible, but less than ideal. CRA has developed or adapted highly effective methods of correcting for unevenly spaced records. Details on time series analysis... >>