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Caliza™ 3.0

Caliza™ is one of the core computational tools used by CRA to perform nonstationary risk analysis. It is the flagship of CRA software products.

The role of Caliza™ and its predecessor, XTREND, in the study of climate risk, has been frequently noted in professional journals which have a high impact on the climate change industry. See right for examples.

CRA can easily custom-tailor Caliza™ to reflect your specific requirements for sensitivity analysis. Consider, for example, how sensitive flood risk estimates are to the existence or nonexistence of reservoirs on a river.

The nominal list price is net 900 EUR (plus VAT). Contact CRA for your personal Caliza™ proposal, pricing, or any other information. Here is the contact form.

Demo version

  • Use with manual
  • Tested on Windows™ XP Professional (32 bit, 64 bit) and Windows™ 7
  • Contact CRA for other versions
  • Zipped demo archive

User manual

Scientific details

  • Robust detection of extremes using nonparametric regression
  • Kernel estimation of time-dependent risk
  • Cross-validation of kernel bandwidth parameter
  • Bootstrap simulation for confidence band construction
  • Statistical test of stationarity hypothesis

Technical details

  • All Windows™ platforms (32 bit, 64 bit)
  • Fortran 90 code (double precision equivalent)
  • Data size: virtually unlimited
  • Interactive working environment (graphics, calculations)