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Other software from CRA

CRA uses other software, in addition to Caliza™, to perform time series analysis. These are listed below.

You may download these programs in their raw versions, most of which are Fortran source code running on Windows™, free of charge. Click the external link, below the description, to download from Dr. Manfred Mudelsee's academic site.

Software adaptions, such as versions that take into account timescale errors, are available upon request. Contact CRA.


2SAMPLES estimates differences in location (mean, median) and scale (standard deviation, MAD) between two samples and gives bootstrap confidence intervals. External link to software for two sample experiments >>


BREAKFIT determines trend changes (including the change-point time) with block bootstrap standard errors. External link to trend change determination method >>


CLIM-X-DETECT robustly detects extremes against a time-dependent background in climate and weather time series. External link to climate extremes detection method >>


PearsonT calculates Pearson's correlation coefficient between two climate time series. This program gives bootstrap confidence intervals that are valid also in the presence of autocorrelation. External link to correlation estimation program >>


RAMPFIT quantifies a climate transition using a nonlinear regression and a search for a global optimum. The bootstrap error bars for the transition parameters take autocorrelation into account. External link to climate change quantification tool >>


REDFIT estimates the spectrum using the Lomb-Scargle periodogram. It uses Monte Carlo simulations for bias correction. REDFIT performs a test of the AR(1) red-noise alternative by employing a routine from TAUEST (see below). This method can be directly used for unevenly spaced climate and weather time series. Program written by Michael Schulz (University of Bremen, Germany) in collaboration with Manfred Mudelsee. External link to time series frequency analysis package >>


REDFITmc2 is an adaption of REDFIT to the case of uncertain timescales. It is described in the book (Mudelsee 2010) as Algorithms 5.5 and 5.6. REDFITmc2 is not freely available. Please contact CRA for more information.


TAUEST fits an AR(1) model to unevenly spaced climate time series with bootstrap confidence interval. External link to autocorrelation analysis software >>